Can you speak English?

May I ask you a question? Can you speak English? I can, but some of my friends can't. Do you know why? Because they're afraid of making a mistake. But I'm not. I also have a little secret: my wife is an English teacher. So I can learn English at home. That's why my children can speak English too. Of course, Lucy speaks English the best. I speak it worse than her but better than my children. My inlaws know English worst of all. They can't speak it at all. They can only understand a few words. I always tell them: if you want to speak English, speak it! Nowadays everybody must know English.


There's no place like home.

Our apartment is on the fifth floor. We come out of the elevator and ring the bell. All my family, my boss, and his wife are here. I introduce Richard to everybody. My wife shows him our apartment.

There's a housing shortage in Petersburg. But we're very lucky. We've got a large apartment not far from downtown. We used to live in a very small one. It was very far from my office. My wife's parents used to live in an even smaller apartment. It was very crowded. Now we all live together. Our apartment has four bedrooms and a living room. The smallest room is my son's bedroom. The biggest one is, of course, the living room. There is also a very big kitchen. We use it as a dining room too.

We take Richard to the living room and offer him a drink. Most of the people are new to him, and so we ask him to play a little game: he has to guess their names, their ages, their jobs and their hobbies. Some of Richard's guesses are right and others are wrong. Everyone is having fun. We laugh a lot.

Soon my mother-in-law calls us to dinner. She can cook very well but my father-in-law cooks much better. We eat a lot and drink a little wine. Richard proposes a toast to our new friendship.


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