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Read the essential information about each candidate. Then listen to the interview extracts (Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Recording 1.6, 1.7, 1.8).

Barbara Szarmach Polish, aged 30 Education: Finished secondary school. Diploma in Marketing. Experience: Has worked for Fast-Track as a sales representative since leaving school. Has a good knowledge of computing. Achievements: Has had the best sales results of the team during the last five years. Languages: Excellent Polish and Russian. English – good vocabulary but not very fluent. Interviewer’s comments: Very strong personality. Energetic and confident. Sometimes appeared aggressive during the interview. Will she be a good team player?   Tadeusz Vaida Polish, aged 52 Education: University degree (Engineering) Experience: Wide experience in a variety of industries. Joined Fast-Track five years ago as Regional Manager for the south of Poland. Achievements: Has been fairly successful, increasing sales by 12% over the five-year period. Languages: Fluent Polish and English. Interviewer’s comments: Very calm and relaxed, he moves and talks slowly. A hard worker. He never leaves the office before seven in the evening. Not creative but happy to get ideas of the creative members of a team. Current staff thinks that he is practical and reliable.
    Task 1. Work in groups. You are members of the interviewing teams. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Decide who to select for the vacant position. Note down reasons for your choice. 2. Meet as one group. Discuss your choices, Decide who should fill the vacant position.         Eva Rheinberger German, aged 42 Education: University degree (History) Experience: Over 15 years as a sales representative in Germany, the US and Poland. Joined Fast-Track a year ago. Achievements: A good sales record in all her previous jobs. In her first year with Fast-Track her sales results have been satisfactory. Languages: Fluent English, German and Polish. Interviewer’s comments: Quiet but knows her own mind. Rather nervous at the interview. Might be good at team building, but would probably depend too much on other people. Likes administration. Didn’t seem to have many ideas about the future of the company.


Complete this memo from the head of the interviewing team to the Sales Director of Fast- Track. See Writing File.



To: Sales Director


From: Head, Interviewing team


Subject: Appointment: Sales Manager.

Central and Eastern Europe


Dear Liz,

We recently interviewed three candidates for this position.

We have decided to appoint ….

I will briefly describe the candidate’s strengths and explain the reasons for our decision. …


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