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Fast-Track Inc., based in Boston, US, sells corporate training videos and management training courses. Fast-Track is looking for a new Sales Manager for its subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland. Fast-Track advertised the vacancy only inside the company as it believes in offering career opportunities to its staff.

The subsidiary’s recent sales results were poor. Sales revenue was 30% below target. The reasons are:

· Sales representatives are not motivated and staff turnover is high.

· The previous manager had no clear strategy for developing sales in the area.

· Very few sales contracts were made.


A new appointment

There are three candidates for the position.

They all already work for Fast-Track either in Boston or in Poland. The successful candidate will be based in Warsaw. Here is an extract from the job description for the position.


  The successful candidate will be responsible for: · developing sales, achieving results and increasing customer numbers · managing the sales team so that it is more motivated, dynamic and effective   He / She will be: · a natural leader · energetic, confident and outgoing   He/She will have · strong sales ability · organizational and interpersonal skills · a good academic background and suitable experience · numeracy skills and ability to handle administration · linguistic ability   The position will involve frequent travel throughout the region.

Profiles of the candidates


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II. Discuss these questions. | Read the essential information about each candidate. Then listen to the interview extracts (Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Recording 1.6, 1.7, 1.8).

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