II. Discuss these questions.

1. What do you think is the relationship between Debbie and Nikola? Why?

2. In your opinion, where are they from, and how old are they?


III. Listen to these extracts from the discussion and complete them. Do you

Agree with Nikolas comment?

DebbieIf you want to move ahead in your career, you also need to evaluate

your progress regularly. If you do that, you get a better idea of ____

____ ____ ____ ___(1), and also of the areas that you need to

____ ____(2).

DebbieWhen a challenge presents itself, you have to ____ ____ ____(3). If

you play safe all the time, if you just settle (4), youll never move

ahead in your career.

NikolaIf you always do what youve always done, youll only get ____ ____

____ ____(5).



Telephoning: making contact

(Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Recording 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)

I. Listen to three phone calls and answer these questions.

1. What is the purpose of each call?

2. Do the callers know each other?


II. Listen to the first call again. Complete the expressions on the right so they

Have the same meanings as the ones on the left.

  1. Can I talk to ? 2. Just a moment 3. Ill connect you. 4. Am I speaking to Carmen Diaz? 5. Yes, its me. 6. The reason Im calling is 7. Can I have your name and address?   Id ____ ____ ____ ____ Thank you ____ ____ . Ill ____ ____ ____ . Hello, ____ ____ Carmen Diaz?   ____ . Yes, Im ____ ____ your advert   ____ ____ ____ ____ your name and address?


III. Listen to the second call again and complete these phrases.

A. Hello, ____ ____ ____ (1) to Andrea, please?

B. ____ ____ (2) shes not here at the moment. Can I ____(3) a

____(4) ?

A. Yes, please . ____ ____(5) Jacques from Intec. ____ (6) you ____ (7) her

I wont be able to ____ (8) the training course on Saturday. She can

____(9) me ____ (10) if theres a problem. Im ____(11) 0191 498 0001.

B. OK. Thank you. Bye.


IV. Listen to the third call again. Underline each phrase the speaker uses.

DaveHi, John. Dave here.

John Oh, hello, Dave. How are things? / How are you? (1)

DaveFine, thanks. Listen, just a quick word / quick question. (2)

John Yeah, go ahead.

DaveDo you think you could give me / let me have (3) the fax number for

Workplace Solutions? I cant get through to them. Their phone is

always busy / engaged (4).

John Ive got it here / right in front of me (5). Its 020 7756 4237.

DaveSorry, I didnt hear / catch (6) the last part. Did you say 4227?

JohnNo, its 4237.

Dave OK. Thanks. Bye.

JohnNo problem. / Dont mention it (7). Bye.


V. Study the Useful language box below. Then role play the telephone calls using it.

Useful language

Making calls Could I speak to Tim Rose? Yes, this is Ernesto Badia from KMV. Im calling about Could you tell him/her that I rang? Could you ask him/her to call me back? Receiving calls Whos calling, please? Could you tell me what its about? Ill put you through. Can you hold? Im afraid there is no answer/he isnt in at the moment. Can I take a message?

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