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Ten Ways to Improve Your Career

A leading staffing and recruiting firm offers the following tips for getting ahead in your career.

1. Make a list of your priorities and outline your tasks for the day. Write down your short- and long-term goals, evaluate your progress and stay focused.

2. Are you really present? You may physically be at work, but are you there mentally? Motivation is a great thing.

3. Learn how to work through others. Delegating tasks is an important skill to master at any level.

4. Always look for the opportunities to broaden your skills. For example, you can attend professional development seminars.

5. Socialisewith colleagues. This will help you learn about what’s happening in other departments.

6. Create your own goals. Determine where you want to be professionally and what skills you need to reach that goal.

7. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Accept challenges that make you try something new.

8. Be clear about what you want. If you believe you deserve a promotion, ask for one.

9. Take time off and relax. Attending to your personal life and doing things that make you happy will help your performance at work.

10. Seek satisfaction. If you are disappointed by your current career, look for ways to transform your job into what you want. If this does not solve the problem, maybe it’s time to look for a new position.

If you follow this advice, you will significantly increase your opportunities to earn more money, get promoted sooner and move ahead faster.

III. Decide which tip each of the following sentences could be added to.


a) These are also a great way to network with 2 3 4

influential people.

b) Each day, take a small step that brings you 5 6 7

closer to that target.

c) If your boss refuses, ask him what you need 6 7 8

to achieve in order to qualify for one.

d) It will also establish you as a team player 5 9 10

within the company.

e) Pay attention to every task that you do. 1 2 3

f) You may discover a secret talent or a hidden passion. 2 7 8


IV. Match the verbs 1-5 with the noun phrases a-e to form expressions from

The article.

1. to reach a. a promotion

2. to get ahead b. a skill

3. to evaluate c. a goal

4. to deserve d. in one’s career

5. to master e. one’s progress


Discussing ‘Ten Ways to Improve Your Career’

(Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Recording 1.1, 1.2)

I. Listen to two people, Debbie and Nikola, discussing the article. Complete

The table below with the number of the three tips they consider the most


  Debbie Nicola
Tip № ………… Tip№ ………… Tip№ ………… Tip № ………… Tip№ ………… Tip№ …………

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