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· First Conditional

if + present simple, will + base form of the verb

This describes a possible condition and its probable result.

Example. If we meet our sales target, we’ll get a bonus.

· Second Conditional

if + past simple, would + base form of the verb

This describes an unlikely condition and its probable result.

Example. If he listened more, he’d be a better manager.

· Third Conditional

if + past perfect, would + have + Participle II

This describes an unreal condition or imaginary situation referring to the past and its probable result.

Example. If we had worked harder last month, we would have met our sales target.

I. Correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences.

1. If you give us a 10% discount, we would place our order today.

2. If I would have more money, I would go on a cruise.

3. If I will go to London next week, I’ll visit their sales office.

4. If I would work from home, I would have more time with my children.

5. If the secretary informed about the arrival of the delegation earlier, we would have prepared everything beforehand.


II. Combine phrases from A and B to make conditional sentences. More than

One variant is possible in each case.

1. pay in euros a. pay you a higher commission
2. order today b. offer you a special discount
3. finish everything tonight c. reduce the price
4. deliver by the end of the month d. give you a bonus
5. give us a one-year guarantee e. pay all the transport costs
6. exceed the sales target f. give you a 5% discount
7. pay all the advertising costs g. deliver within seven days
8. sign the contract now h. give you the day off tomorrow

III. Complete the second sentence in each pair using Second and

Third Conditional so it has the same meaning as the first.

1. I won’t change my bank because it gives good rates of interest.

If my bank didn’t __________ , I __________ change it.

2. We can’t offer you a discount because you don’t buy in bulk.

If you __________ , we __________ a discount.

3. The price of the product is too high, so we won’t place any orders with this company.

We ___________ with this company if the price __________ ,

4. She was too emotional, so it was almost impossible to get to an agreement with her.

If she __________ , we ___________ with her.

5. The CEO arranged a meeting because the managers couldn’t solve the problem informally.

The CEO ___________ if the managers ___________ informally.

6. Our jobs are in the city, so we can’t move to the country.

If our jobs ___________ in the city, we ___________ to the country.


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And the third columns of the chart. Use a good dictionary to help you. | IV. Discuss these questions in pairs.

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