And the third columns of the chart. Use a good dictionary to help you.

Noun Adjective Opposite
1. patience patient ..
2. calmness nervous
3. weakness strong
4. toughness ..
5. emotion ..
6. consistency ..
7. sympathy ..
8. enthusiasm ..
9. .. formal informal
10. fairness ..
11. honesty ..
12. ethics ..
13. . creative ...

II. Use one of the adjectives or its opposites to complete the following


1. He gets very angry if people are late for negotiations.

He is very impatient.

2. She always has ideas and easily finds solutions to problems.

She is very ___________ person.

3. He never shows anger, enthusiasm or disappointment during a negotiation.

He is totally ___________.

4. He always agrees with everything his negotiating partner suggests.

He is ___________.

5. She wants to get her own way. She doesnt like to compromise.

She is a very _____________ negotiator.

6. He likes people to feel comfortable and relaxed during a negotiation.

An ____________ atmosphere is very important for him.

7. You shouldnt criticize your employees work in front of everyone.

Its ___________ .

8. How __________ ! He only got promoted because he was the bosss


9. It was really __________ of her to claim she had experience when she



III. Look again at the adjectives and their opposites in task I. Choose what

You think are the best and worst qualities for a negotiator. Then compare

Your ideas with a partner and try to reach an agreement.

IV. Match these sentences halves.

Six tips for being a more successful negotiator

1. Good answers dont always come quickly, a. you cant be tough all the time.
2. Sometimes you have to compromise - b. or theyll think youre weak.
3. Dont get angry too quickly - c. enthusiastic negotiators are rare!
4. Dont agree with everyone all the time, d. so dont be too impatient.
5. Say when you like an idea - e. be consistent.
6. Keep the same attitude towards others - f. try and stay calm.

V. Complete this article with the correct alternative.


Bea Conrad worked for fifteen years as personal assistant to the head of Ajax, a pharmaceutical company. She enjoyed her work despite her heavy 1 . She didnt mind the 2; in fact, she liked it. She felt she had a lot of freedom in the way she organized her time, as there was a system of flexitime in the company. Despite having two young children, Bea thought she had a pleasant lifestyle.

Then Ajax was taken over by Zenith, another pharmaceutical company. Bea had a new boss who was too 3 . He gave out 4 and 5 everyone to work twice as hard as before for 12 hours a day. The deadlines became 6 : there was never enough time to finish things. Bea went to see a stress 7, who advised her to leave the company. She now works for a company where everyone leaves at 5.30 p.m. Bea feels much better and more 8 .


a. work b. job c. workload
a. pressure b. pressing c. press
a. fair b. tough c. consistent
a. concerns b. offers c. orders
a. waited b. argued c. expected
a. impossible b. fixed c. accepted
a. council b. counsellor c. counsel
a. relaxed b. relax c. relaxing

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