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Complete these sentences with the words and phrases from the box. Use a good dictionary to help you.


Forward-thinking, current, staff, values, tutorials, diverse, research, cutting-edge, created, catering for


1. The University of Manchester was … in 1824.

2. The University of Manchester is a highly selective 'elite' UK institution which comes 3rd in terms of … after Cambridge and Oxford.

3. Our academic … are leaders in their field and their research directly improves their teaching.

4. Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences brings together nine … Schools.

5. There are four Nobel Laureates among … staff.

6. The main teaching and assessment methods in British universities are: lectures, … laboratory practicals, projects, seminars, e-learning and exams.

7. The University has … scientific facilities.

8. The Athletic Union is made up of 46 sport clubs, … all levels.

9. The university courses equip students with not only academic knowledge, but also personal skills such as critical thinking, reasoning and analysis, civic … and responsibilities.

10. These skills will be useful across a ... range of careers.


Exercise 3.

Match the words with a similar meaning.

1. staff a. to guarantee
2. to establish b. to contain
3. to apply c. to devote
4. to allow d. contemporary, state-of-the-art
5. to include e. to permit
6. to dedicate f. detailed and thorough
7. to ensure g. to combine
8. to conduct research h. to found
9. in-depth j. personnel
10. cutting-edge k. to carry out investigations
11. to bring together l. to utilize, to use


Exercise 1.

Before you read the text, discuss these questions:


1. Would you like to study in a foreign country?

2. In your opinion, is it difficult to enter a British university?

3. Do you know the entrance requirements for overseas universities?

4. Would it be difficult for you to join the multicultural community?

Exercise 2.

Go through the text to find this information:

a) the number of students at the University of Manchester

b) the number of Noble Prize winners of the University

c) cutting-edge scientific facilities

d) the name of the virtual learning environment

e) the most important inter-university sporting event

Exercise 3.

Read the text carefully and do the exercises after the text


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