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Read the rest of the text about kitchen staff uniforms and label the clothes with the words in bold in the text.


The most famous part of the chef's uniform is the toque, the chef's hat. It is usually made of white paper or material and it covers hair, which should be clean and short to avoid any contact with food or dirt.

Nowadays some chefs prefer to wear a bandana, a piece of coloured material, which is also hygienic as it completely covers hair. Some chefs also wear a triangle, a kind of scarf usually made of cotton, rolled up around the neck to absorb sweat and stop the neck from getting cold.

Another important garment is the chef's jacket, which is usually made of good quality white cotton, heat-resistant and easy to wash. Jackets are usually double-breasted with specia1 material or plastic buttons, which do not melt or drop into food. This kind of jacket is quickly removed in an emergency or reversed if it becomes stained on one side. Wide roll-up sleeves aim to protect arms from heat and burns. Kitchen staff must carefully tie an apron around their waist, making sure it covers them right down to their ankles and folding it over at the top to provide extra heat protection. They should be careful to cover the knot so that it cannot catch in anything causing danger. The torchon is a piece of material used to pick up and move hot things and should always be tied to the apron. Chefs' trousers need to be made of nonflammable material without a hem, because bacteria can grow there. Some women wear a skirt, which meets the same standards.

Chefs wear comfortable, lightweight shoes made of leather or another natural material as they stand up all day. Non-slip soles, a thick upper part and a protective steel cap are all important details to help avoid burns or accidents. Before work, chefs put their own clothes away to prevent possible contamination and all staff wear clean uniforms every day.


Match these words and expressions from the text with their definitions.


1 accident

2 burn

3 stained

4 to melt

5 dirt

6 to fold

7 hem

8 hygienic

9 nonflammable

10 sweat

a__ a substance that makes something unclean

b [1] a sudden event that can cause someone damage or injury

c __ to change a sol id into a liquid by heating it

d __ liquid that forms on your skin when you are hot

e __ not likely to cause illness or disease

f __ something accidentally marked with liquid

g __ something that does not catch fire easily

h __ the bottom edge of something like a dress turned up to make it shorter

I __ damage from something hot

j __ to turn one part of something over another

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