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Match the kitchen areas with their uses.

1 The main kitchen is .. .

2 The cold preparation section is ...

3 The service area is ...

4 The storeroom is .. .

5 The cold storage room is .. .

6 The dishwashing area is .. .

a __ where equipment and non-perishable goods are stored.

b __ where dishes, pots and pans are washed and stored.

c __ where hot food is prepared.

d __ where orders are placed and waiting staff collect food.

e __ where perishable goods are stored.

f __ where raw ingredients are prepared.


Read the text and check your answers.


Kitchen design may vary according to the following things: the food outlet location , the type of customer, the number of covers, the menu, the service and the number of staff. However, the organisation of every kitchen should always follow two basic rules: a linear production line,so that there is a logical progression from preparation to service to improve efficiency, and a separation of processes,to avoid contact between raw materials, packaging, leftovers and kitchen waste, which can lead to contamination.

Therefore, the kitchen should be in a strategic point, between the storage areas and the restaurant, so that raw materials are conveniently stored and final dishes are served quickly to customers. Access to storage premises should be easy for vehicles carrying goods and waste from outside, but totally separate from food preparation areas. Storage premises should cover the smallest possible area to avoid wasting space and to ensure the regular supply of raw materials. Inside the kitchen, space is divided according to the type of activity carried out in different areas. Each area (or specialist station) is equipped and located to communicate with the other areas. For example the cold preparation section,the area where raw materials are prepared, must be near the cold storage rooms,where perishable goods are stored. Next to this, you usually find the storeroom,where equipment and non-perishable goods are stored. Whereas the main kitchenor hot dish section, where hot food is prepared, must be directly connected to the service area,where orders are placed and waiting staff collect food. This in turn must be near the dishwashing area,where dishes, pots and pans are washed and stored.


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Read this hygiene manual and check your answers. | Read the text again and answer the questions.

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