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Read the text again and answer the questions.

1 What do you need to consider in kitchen design?

2 What does a linear production line improve?

5 Why should storage areas be small?

6 Where must the cold preparation section be?

3 What does a separation of processes help avoid?

4 Where should the kitchen be?

7 Where are equipment and non-perishable goods stored?

8 Where are dishes stored?


Match the words to their definitions.


1 leftovers

2 storage

3 equipment

4 waste

5 packaging

a __ the container or material that a product is sold in

b __ food which remains after a meal

c __ materials that are not wanted and remain after you have used something

d ___ when you put things in a safe place until you need them

e ___ the tools that are used for a particular job or activity


5 Complete the conversation between a restaurant manager and a head chef about a kitchen design with the information below.

all sounds good can go could be do you agree

do you think have you got I do I don't like to

I suggest should be they need to be what about


Manager: What ideas (1) have you got for the kitchen design , chef?

Head chef: Well , the new menu isn't too big or complicated , so (2) _________ a simple linear design.

Manager: Where (3) ___________ the storage areas should be?

Head chef: The cold storage (4) _____ _ next to the storeroom at the back of the kitchen with external access for deliveries and internal access to the cold preparation section.

Manager: OK, but (5) _____ _ quite small, because there isn't a lot of space back there.

Head chef: That's fine. (6) _________ have too many goods in storage.

Manager: (7) ___________ the main kitchen and the dishwashing area?

Head chef: Well, the main kitchen (8) ______ directly in front of the cold preparation area , which should be behind the service area so we get hot dishes out quickly to the serving staff. (9) _____________?

Manager: Yes, (10) _______ _

Head chef: And the dishwashing area (11) _______ either to the left or the right side of the main kitchen so that dirty dishes can come back into the kitchen without getting in the way of the preparation area.

Manager: Yes , that (12) __________ to me!

Work in pairs. Role play a conversation between a food and beverage manager and a head chef. Discuss the type of kitchen design you want. Use the conversation in exercise 5 and the suggestions below to help you.


How about... ?/What about ... ?

Why don't we .. . ?

Let's ...

I suggest...

What do you suggest?

What do you think about...?

I agree ...

I don't agree ...

I think it should be ...

I like/don't like/ prefer ...

It can/could .. .


Head chef:

What ideas have you got for the kitchen design?

Well, ...


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Match the kitchen areas with their uses. | Match the pictures, names and uses of some basic kitchen food preparation appliances.

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