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Fill in the gaps using the necessary words from exercise 6.

1. The law … a prison sentence of at least five years for the crime.

2. Could you be a little more … about what happened?

3. The defendant's opposed to the new law, as you might … .

4. The child of the wealthy industrialist was … and held for ransom.

5. These laws are intended to help … our natural resources.

6. Students will carry out simple laboratory … .

7. The judge … a life sentence.

8. Decide which sentences are true and which are false? Make the false sentences true:

1. The English word ‘law’ refers to limits upon various forms of behavior.

2. In all societies, relations between people are regulated by descriptive laws.

3. Customs are formal rulers of social and moral behavior.

4. The ways in which people talk, eat and drink, work, and relax together are usually called descriptive laws.

5. Order is rich with meanings.

6. Members of every community have made laws for themselves in self-protection.

7. In the absence of law you could only rely upon the law of the jungle.

8. Every country never tries to provide laws, which will help its people to live safely and comfortably.

9. The imperfect laws are better than none.


9. Give reasons why you agree or disagree with the following statements. Discuss it with your partner, using the clichés, given below:

1. The law is a set of rules that people should follow.

2. An activity is considered to be illegal if it breaks a law.

3. Police usually punish people who break the laws.

4. Culture is usually a major source of the principles behind many laws.

5. Many people tend to trust the ideas based on family and social habits.


To make a long story short,...
Summing it up, ...
So, to sum it up, ...
In conclusion, ...
To top it off, ...
To crown it all, ...
It is important to note that ...
What counts here is ...
What matters here is ...
It is vital to note that ...
It's important to keep in mind that ...
It's important to remember that ...
An important point is that ...
What's worse, ...


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Match the words from the left column with their definitions from the right column. | Make the “word partnership – lobsters” with the words bellow, as in the given example. Work in small groups to compare “word partnership-lobsters” with the other students.

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