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Choose the right verb to make the sentence complete.

1. Most countries make a rather clear distinction/definition/approach between civil and criminal procedures.

2. The law forbids /permits/approves any criminal activity.

3. Criminal cases equal to/ differ from/imply civil cases.

4. The victim of a road accident must prove/negotiate/disguise his case in a court.

5. Courts must ignore/decide/differentiate criminal and civil cases.

6. Criminal and civil procedures are different/the same/perfect.

7. An English criminal court can allow/force/offer a defendant to pay a fine as a punishment.


Here is a list of some criminals and the crimes they commit, but it is incomplete. Fill in the missing parts.

Criminal Crime The criminal...
thief robbery /theft stole some jewelry
murderer   killed a policeman
  hijacking hijacked a plane
drug dealer drug dealing dealt in pushing cocaine
mugger   mugged an old lady
car thief   stole a car
  trespass trespassed on/upon somebody`s (private) property
terrorist   committed an act of terrorism (e. g. bombing, murder, kidnapping)
8. Discuss in small groups which kind of crime is the worst and why? Use the following clichés: It seems to me, that… From my point of view… I guess, that… To my mind… As a matter of fact, I don't agree…
I'm not sure, in fact. It is clear, that… As far as I know… As a matter of fact… As I see it… I think………………

Text 3.

1. Read the text to answer the questions below:

What are some things people can do to protect themselves from crime?

Do you think there will be more or less crime in the future?

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Make the “word partnership – lobsters” with the words bellow, as in the given example. Work in small groups to compare “word partnership-lobsters” with the other students. | Choose the correct form of the verb.

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