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What are the largest cities?

The largest cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow.


What is the official religion?

The official religion of Britain is Chistianity. The Monarch is the official head of the English Church England. Although 68% of the British are Christians but very few of British people go to church. Other religions in Britain are Islam (1.3 million Muslims), Hinduism (350,000 Hindus), Sikhism (400,000 Sikhs) and Judaism. They practice their religion.


What industries are developed in the country?

The United Kingdom is a highly developed country. Service industries, especially banking and retailing, have expanded since the Second World War. Heavy industries, including steel manufacture and shipbuilding, have been replaced by high-technology manufacturing industries, such as aeroplane engine manufacture and pharmacenticals. There are many successful small companies which make, for example, waterproof jackets, elite cars, top-quality hi-fi equipment.


Who is the head of the country?

The official head of the country is the Monarch (King or Queen).


What is the system of government?

Britain is a constitutional monarchy and a unitary state. This means that the official head of the country is the monarch (Queen Elizabeth II nowadays). Her powers are limited by the Parliament.

The British Parliament consists of the House of Commons (including 651 elected Members of Parliament) and the House of Lords (including 1,203 peers who are not elected).

The leader of the party with most seats becomes Prime Minister and forms the Government. People talk about «Downing Street» when they mean the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet, as Prime Ministers live at №10, Downing Street.

Whitehall is the street where important Government offices are situated.


What are the main political parties?

The main political parties are the Conservative and the Labour party. The minor political parties are: Liberal Democrats, Scottish National and others.


When are elections held?

Elections are held every five years.

What are the major national Holidays?

Major UK National Holidays are: New Year Holiday (January 1st), Good Friday (March/April), Easter Monday (March/April), Christmas Day (December, 25th), Boxing Day (December, 26th ).

Eisteddfod is the annual national festival of music and poetry held in Wales.

According to the legend the Loch Ness Monster lives in a lake in Scotland.


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