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Who are the famous people of the country?

Writers / Literature: William Shakespeare (the most famous playwright), Charles Dickens, Robert Burns (Scotish national poet), Agatha Christie (a queen of detective stories), Walter Scott. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter books).

Painters / Arts: Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, William Hogarth, John Constable, Joseph Turner.

Architects: Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren

Sculptors: Henry Moore.

Musicians: Benjamin Britten, Science, technology The Beatles (from Liverpool); Lennon was murdered in the USA, McCartney got the title of lord (sir).

Science and technology Inventors: Newton (the law of gravity), Darwin (the evolution theory), Michael Faraday (the law of electricity), Alexander Fleming (the father of antibiotics).

Royal Politics family: Queen Elizabeth II – is ruling now, Queen Victoria – ruled for the longest period in British history.

Politicians: David Cameron – the current Prime Minister, the leader of the Conservative Party.

Margaret Thatcher – the first woman Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill – the Prime Minister during the Second World War.


What are the typical characteristics of the nation and its people?

Britain is the country of traditions. The English have a serene sense of superiority, a deep sense of security and belief in their national successes.

The best-known quality of the English is reserve. They do not talk very much to strangers, do not show emotions. The other characteristic is English modesty.

The English surnames: Charles Baker (connected with a person’s job), e.g. Jack Long (connected with the size), Robin Williamson (with a family relationship: son of William).

The Welsh surnames: Geoffrey Jone (from Chisrian name John). Gary Pritchard (putting «p» at the beginning: from Richardson).

Irish surnames: O’Brien, Fitzwilliam, MacMahon, Kilmartin, Gilmurray (beginning with «O» – «from the family of», «Fitz», «Mac», «Kil», «Gil» – from «son of»).


What is national currency?

The currency of the UK is the pound sterling (symbol ₤, code GBP), commonly called the pound. It is subdivided into 100 pence (one – a penny). Sterling is the third- largest reserve currency after the US dollar and the euro.


What system of weights and measures is used?

The metric system is in official use withim the United Kingdom; however, use of imperial unit is widespread in many cases.



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