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What is the system of education?

Education is compulsory from the age of five to sixteen.

The school system in England and Wales includes: Pre-school (age 3-5, voluntary); Primary school (age 5-11, compulsory); Secondary school (age 11-16, compulsory), sixth form (16-18, voluntary).

Higher education system comprises: undergraduate courses taking three years of full-time study (lead to a Bachelor’s degree in Arts/BA, Science/BSc, or Education/BEd); postgraduate courses (lead to Master of Philosophy/MPhil and Doctor of Philosophy/PhD for research in Arts or Sciences). Students pay for their education. Only 25 per cent of the student population goes on to higher education.

Oxford University is the oldest in Britain. Oxford and Cambridge universities have the highest academic reputation. Oxbridge is a collective name for both universities.


What is traditional food?

Britain has traditional food: lamb from Wales, shellfish and fresh salmon from Northern Ireland, fresh or smoked fish from Scotland, cheeses from England and Wales. Good British food is difficult to find. Now people prefer to eat fast food: fish and chips.

Traditional English breakfast includes porridge, bacon and eggs, toast with jam or marmalade and a cup of coffee or tea. The English drink tea with milk. «English» tea is with milk served at 5 o’clock.

Going to pubs is very popular leisure-time activity. The pubs serve drink (traditional British beer and continental beer) as well as food.

What kinds of sport are popular in the country?

Association football or soccer is one of the most popular sport games in the British Isles. Football matches are held in Wembley Stadium.

The other sports are golf, rugby, cricket, horse racing.

Table tennis is a British invention. Wimbledon is the centre of Lawn tennis championships.


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