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Worrying about the weather

It's a well-known fact that the English spend more time complaining about the weather than anything else. The fact is, that we have a terrible climate. We hardly ever have snow, just rain, sleet and fog. But when we say to each other, “Isn't the weather dreadful today? It's pouring with rain", we sound surprised, as though it is very unexpected, when in fact it has been raining every day for two weeks.

No conversation ever starts in England without a comment on the weather. It's almost a formality, like shaking hands.

As we refuse to accept that it rains most of the time, we always dress in the wrong clothes. The only people who are always prepared for rain are businessmen who carry umbrellas, even during the hottest months.

But even when the weather is marvelous, we can't help complaining after a while. For the first week everyone is happy. Then gradually the complaints start. "Too hot", "unbearable", people say. We actually want it to rain again! We deserve all the bad weather we get!

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