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Mary and Liz are about to go on holiday together. Mary has come to collect Liz in her car.


MARY: Hello, Liz, are you ready?

LIZ: Yes, just about. All the luggageis here in the corridor. I hope I haven't got too many ____.

MARY: Don't worry. There's plenty of ____ in the car.

LIZ: Oh, good. I've packed rather a lot of things. I haven't had much ____ of travelling in the mountains, so I wasn't sure what to bring.

MARY: As long as you've got some warm sweaters for the evenings, and a good raincoat, you should be OK. The ____ in the mountains is wonderful, but the ____ can change very suddenly.

LIZ: Well, we've got a lovely ____ to start with.

MARY: You're right there. And I'm sure you'll like our ____ at the hotel, because they've promised me the ones I had last year when I was with my brother. Did you pack the guidebook, by the way?

LIZ: I've got it in my pocket. I packed some ____ too, so we can write letters.

MARY: Yes. It'd be nice to keep some sort of diary, too.

LIZ: That's a good idea. We might make an album afterwards, with words and photos. And I'm sure I'm going to have some great ____ to write about.

MARY: I'm sure you will, too. The ____ are like nothing you've ever seen. And the people are great. There's always music or something in one of the villages every evening. We'll buy some local ____ when we get there and find out what's going on this week.

LIZ: Well, I'm ready.

MARY: OK, let's go then.


Exercise 33. Complete the sentences. Put in a/an or some.


A. 1. The people who camped in the field have left ____ rubbish. 2. Ive been working on my essay. I think Ive made ____ progress. 3. That isnt right. Look, youve made ____ mistake. 4. Im here for two nights, and Im looking for ____ accommodation. 5. The room is quite empty. We need ____ furniture. 6. The second-hand shop had ____ sofa. 7. You pay extra for the taxi if youve got ____ luggage. 8. I cant fit this guitar into ____ suitcase. 9. The scientists are doing ____ interesting experiment. 10. They are doing ____ research into radioactivity. 11. You need ____ luck to win at this game. 12. Im just about to set off on ____ long journey.

B. 1. We had ____ delicious food last night. 2. We had ____ delicious meal last night. 3. There is ____ beautiful furniture in that shop. 4. There is ____ beautiful table in that shop. 5. Im thirsty. I need ____ drink. 6. Im thirsty. I need ____ water. 7. She has just bought ____ expensive clothes. 8. She has just bought ____ expensive dress. 9. They booked ____ room in advance. 10. They booked ____ accommodation in advance. 11. The band played ____ lovely song. 12. The band played ____ lovely music. 13. We had ____ heat wave last week. 14. We had ____ hot weather last week. 15. I cant do this job alone. I need ____ assistant. 16. I cant do this job alone. I need ____ help. 17. He has got ____ heavy luggage to carry. 18. He has got ____ heavy suitcase to carry. 19. I need ____ cutlery to eat this food with. 20. I need ____ knife and fork to eat this food with.21. She has got ____ important work to do. 22. She has got ____ important job to do. 23. He found ____ coin on the ground. 24. He found ____ money on the ground.


Exercise 34. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the word in brackets.


1. He ate three ____ (cheese). 2. We had six ____ (lesson). 3. Many small ____ (village) were destroyed. 4. Ive got three ____ (homework) to do this evening. 5. Lots of ____ (person) were unhappy about it. 6. There were two important ____ (news). 7. Why are there three ____ (pajamas)? 8. Several ____ (child) got lost on the way to school. 9. Id like five ____ (rice), please. 10. Ive got only two ____ (luggage). 11. There were four serious car ____ (crash) this weekend. 12. He can give you lots of important ____ (information). 13. It was autumn and the ____ (leaf) were falling. 14. There is a lot of ____ (pollution) in this town. 15. Some ____ (family) celebrate Christmas on December 24th. 16. Weve got three ____ (fish) for dinner. 17. How many ____ (toast) do you want? 18. Can I have a few ____ (paper) to write on? 19. Five ____ (policeman) came round. 20. Let me give you a few ____ (advice). 21. You need about six and a half ____ (material) to make those curtains.


Exercise 35. Fill in much, manyorlots of.


1. Did you have ____ time to spare? Oh, yes, we had ____ of time. 2. There were ____ people at the party, werent there? Yes, I wasnt expecting so ____. 3. I didnt have ____ time to spare at the airport. No, I didnt have ____ either. 4. I wish I had ____ holidays. I sometimes think people have too ____. 5. We havent had ____ sun this summer, havent we? No, there havent been ____ warm days at all. 6. ____ people I know are growing their own vegetables. Yes, there are too ____ chemicals used these days. 7. There arent ____ trains here in the evening, are there? No, there never were ____. 8. ____ people who live here dont come from here. Really, I didnt think there were ____ immigrants here. 9. I dont think our boss knows ____ about people. I dont think ____ bosses know ____ about people! 10. Too ____ people are killed on the roads every year. Yes and the government arent doing ____ about it.

Exercise 36. John and Sue are discussing what to buy for their party. Usemanyand much to complete their conversation.


- How ____ milk have we got?

- I think weve got two pints.

- And how ____ butter is there?

- Oh, weve got plenty of butter, but I dont think there are ____ eggs left maybe only 2 or 3.

- Right, Ill get some more. And have you any idea how ____ cheese there is?

- A pound. I know there is a pound so dont get any more.

- And how ____ cartons of orange juice did we get? Wasnt it two?

- Thats right and they are still unopened.

- And how ____ is there left of that lettuce?

- Oh, most of it. And weve got at least a pound of tomatoes.

- And how ____ are there in a pound?

- Usually about eight.

- And how ____ of that big cucumber is there?

- We havent used it at all yet.

- Well, what about drinks? How ____ cans shall I get?

- Weve got ten. Isnt that enough?

- I suppose so. How ____ wine is there?

- How ____ bottles do you think were going to need?

- Well, I suppose it depends on what you mean by need!


Exercise 37. Choose the expression which cannot be used with the nouns.


1. There are several / many / much / plenty of / too little things you can do to help. 2. He has met a couple of / a few / very little / plenty of / too much interesting people. 3. She earns few / hardly any / plenty of / several / a great deal ofmoney. 4. We have got no / many / lots of / a great deal of / a fewwork to do. 5. Dont worry; there is a little / plenty of / a couple of / many / a lot of time. 6. Both / Several / A large quantity of / Plenty of / Too muchstudents applied for the course. 7. Hes got no / hardly any / a little / some qualification. 8. Shes got hardly any / several / a little / a few / a lot ofexperience in dealing with customers. 9. There is too much / a lot of / hardly any / few / several salt in this soup. 10. There is a little / many / too much / a great number of / some traffic on the roads today.


Exercise 38. Complete the conversations. Choose the correct form.


1. Can I pick an apple / some apple from your tree? Yes, of course. 2. I think sport / a sport is boring. Me too. I hate it. 3. We ought to buy some potato / some potatoes. OK, I'll get them. 4. I think painting / a painting is a fascinating hobby. Well, you're certainly very good at it. 5. Did you hear noise / a noise in the middle of the night? No, I don't think so. 6. Is there cheese / a cheese in this soup? Yes, a little. 7. I had conversation / a conversation with Vicky last night. Oh? What about? 8. Shall I put a chicken / some chicken in your sandwiches? Yes, please. 9. Are you a pacifist? Well, I don't believe in war / a war, so I suppose I am. 10. It isn't fair. No, life / a life just isn't fair, I'm afraid. 11. What's the matter? You've got some egg / some eggs on your shirt.


Exercise 39. Complete the conversations. Put in these nouns:

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