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The Course

The main emphasis throughout Petroleum Engineering is on developing the following communicative language principles:

Ø student-centered classroom;

Ø focus on meaning and use rather than form and usage;

Ø extensive use of pair and group work;

Ø cooperative learning;

Ø integration of four language skills;

Ø teacher’s role as a facilitator.

(Content, Tasks and Projects in the Language Classroom, Monterey Institute, 2004, pg. 1-2)

This course is designed for those learners who have achieved pre-intermediate /intermediate level and can be used in the following way:

1.from start to finish, i.e. it takes about 76 hours (+ 72 hours of self-assessment) to complete this course.

2.as a dip-in resource, i.e. each unit and each section of this course is free-standing, so sections can be selected and used out of sequence according to the needs of particular students.

3.as a revision course, i.e. for those students who have already taken such a course, and want to add a new practical dimension to their professional English.

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