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Course Components

As this innovative course Petroleum Engineering is an implementation of a content-based EFL curriculum, it includes the following components:

Course Book- Introduction to Petroleum Engineeringis the core book that students will need for class work. Special focus is placed on the development of learner autonomy, where three principles: individualization, interdependence and interaction are integrated. It has two parts:

Part I - Introduction which includes 4 common topics: Petroleum Engineering, Oil Companies, Petroleum Geology and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment);

Part II – includes 6 sustained content courses, organized around specific themes and topics. In these course materials conveyed content information is on such topics as Geophysics, Oil Exploration, Pipeline Engineering, Drilling, Hydroecology and Geoecology. These courses are free-standing sections. There are Appendixes for additional information, which can be used for pairwork activities and self- assignments.

Guideline- Guide to Effective Technical Writing & Professional Communication is a course where academic subjects are taught in English. It is tailored to the specific needs of students in their technically oriented majors. It will aid those who plan to continue technical careers that require sufficient knowledge of technical writing and professional communication. A CD is available which includes presentations on all discussed topics.

Teacher’s Book –gives recommendations of advisory character. It offers keys for every unit in both parts and introduces a framework for structuring and shaping the whole course material and references for the teacher’s convenience.

Test Booklet – includes reviewsections for each part and unit. These tests take around an hour to complete and they revisit and consolidate key language from earlier studied sections and units.

Recordings –includes all listening material in Part I(Introduction),available in CD form.

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