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This course would not have been possible without the knowledge we acquired during the past 10 years through consulting, teaching and conducting workshops at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Many people have contributed in a variety of ways in the preparation of this innovative course «Petroleum Engineering». We would like to thank the specialists of Geology & Petroleum Engineering Institute, TPU, all of whom brought their professionalism and expertise to guiding and shaping this course in its various stages. Our special thanks to Associate Professor of Tomsk State University Olga Nagel, our indefatigable reader and Associate Professor, Head of English Language Department, TPU N. Kachalov, our editor.

For providing a stimulating working environment, we would like to thank Director of Geology & Petroleum Engineering Institute, Professor A. Mazurov and Associate Professor V. Bernatonis.



Petroleum engineering refers to the subsurface engineering activities related to the production of hydrocarbons which can be either crude oil or natural gas.


Fill in the spidergram with the words associated with Petroleum engineering.

Petroleum engineering


Explain your associations.

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Course Components | Pay attention to the stress in the following words.

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