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Find the meaning of the words in the box in a dictionary. Match the terms with the definitions.

petroleum engineer upstream reservoir oil well hydrocarbons crude oil downstream petroleum casing

1. Petroleum engineer A. Compounds which contain only carbon and hydrogen. Petroleum consists of them.
2. Reservoir B. A fuel found in mineral deposits under the ground. It comes from the Greek words for “rock” and “oil”. Therefore, rock oil or oil found in rock.
3. Hydrocarbons C. Pipes run in a hole and cemented during drilling in order to consolidate well bore walls and prevent their collapse.
4. Downstream D. A professional trained in the drilling, completion and production of oil and gas. Types of petroleum engineers include drilling, completion and reservoir engineers.
5. Upstream E. A porous and permeable formation containing an individual and separate natural accumulation of producible hydrocarbons. It is confined by impermeable rock or water barriers and is characterized by a single natural pressure system.
6. Oil well F. Exploration, drilling and production operations for crude oil and natural gas.
7. Crude oil G. A well completed for the production of crude oil from at least one oil zone or reservoir.
8. Petroleum H. Transportation and pipe lining, refining and marketing operations for crude oil and natural gas.
9. Casing I. A mixture of hydrocarbons that existed in a liquid phase in natural phase in natural underground reservoirs and remains liquid ay atmospheric pressure after passing through surface separating facilities.

Classify the responsibilities of a reservoir engineer and a drilling engineer into two groups.


Estimation of cost to access reserves, maximization of economic recovery of hydrocarbons from the subsurface, numerical reservoir modeling, geologic survey, well drilling and workover planning, estimation of the sought reserves value, development of contacts with vendor, PVT analysis, wellbore plan, production forecasting.


Complete the sentences, using the information from the text.

1. According to the survey published in December 2006 ………

2. Deepwater operations can be compared to …………………….

3. Such modern technologies as ……………… have improved the toolbox of the petroleum engineer.

4. Petroleum engineering covers a wide range of topics including …..

5. Petroleum engineers can be divided into several types: …………..

6. Two areas in which reservoir engineers usually specialize are ……


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Pay attention to the stress in the following words. | State whether the sentences are true or false according to the text. If true, add the information on the statement. If false, correct the sentence.

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