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State whether the sentences are true or false according to the text. If true, add the information on the statement. If false, correct the sentence.

1. Petroleum engineering covers a wide range of disciplines.

2. Operation in HTHP environment is a rare case for a petroleum engineer today.

3. Petroleum engineers are usually well paid.

4. Petroleum engineers deal with oil field close to the Earth’s surface.

5. Petroleum engineers are subdivided into two types.

6. Reservoir engineering is concerned with reservoir modelling.

7. Drilling engineers have to perform PVT analysis of the well.

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PART 1. Read the following information, then listen to the tape and match the dates with the stages of petroleum engineering development.


1. The 1910’s   A. It was recognized that the characteristics of the oil reservoir had to be taken into consideration.
2. The 1920’s   B. Consolidation and integration of four elements took place in petroleum engineering.
3. The 1930’s   C. Petroleum industry research developed. It was directed toward the principles, processes and methods for improvement of oil recovery.
4. The 1950’s   D. Petroleum engineering was recognized as a new field of practice
5. The 1990’s   E. Petroleum engineering centered on the drilling, completing and producing activities associated with individual wells.

PART 2. Listen to the second part of the text once more; give the examples on the methods of each element.

Elements Examples of methods
1. Extending the capabilities  
2. Development of methods for detailed study of subsurface formations and surroundings  
3. Recovering a greater portion of the oil within reservoir  
4. Development of technological management and its introduction into business decision making  

Answer the following questions.

1. What topics does PE cover?

2. How has the toolbox of the petroleum engineer been drastically improved?

3. Can you say that petroleum engineers are held to a high standard? Prove it.

4. Why is petroleum engineering considered to be the highest paid discipline?

6. What are the types of petroleum engineers?

7. What PE branches do you know?

8. What do reservoir engineers specialize in?

9. What fields are drilling engineers involved in?

10. What processes are drilling engineers responsible for?

16. Work in pairs.


You are going to explore a new oil field. Student A -a reservoir engineer and Student B - a drilling engineer. Discuss the distribution of your responsibilities and order of operations. Use as many expressions under study as possible.

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Find the meaning of the words in the box in a dictionary. Match the terms with the definitions. | Discuss the following issues.

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