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Discuss the following issues.

1. The significance of petroleum engineering nowadays.

2. The reasons for high payment for petroleum engineering job.

3. The main types of petroleum engineers.

4. Reservoir engineers (their responsibilities, areas of specialization).

5. Drilling engineers (their responsibilities, areas of specialization).

Role Play the following situation.

Imagine that one of you is a TV/Radio Presenter with an oil industry background and the rest are the representatives of an oil company and you are having 5 min talk show regarding the company you work for, your roles and responsibilities and current energy sector state.


19. Prepare a poster -presentation “My specialty, its prospects and future” (Consult …).




Oil company is an industry that produces and delivers oil and oil products.


Name all the Western and Russian oil companies you know.

What company would you like to work in? Why?

What position would you like to occupy?

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State whether the sentences are true or false according to the text. If true, add the information on the statement. If false, correct the sentence. | Downstream (oil industry)

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