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Обзорное). Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык.

1. I shall still be translating this long article when you come. You will have to wait until I finish

2. He said he had already translated the article that the teacher had given him.

3. You may ask Pestov to help you with the translation. He usually translates articles from English into Russian

4. You have come early. Your article is still being translated because it is long and difficult.

5. When translated, his article on chemistry was sent to the International Chemical Congress.

6. Being translated into many foreign languages, Gorky's works were read with great interest all over the world.

7. Translating the English article into Russian he looked up the unknown words in the dictionary.

8. Having translated the article from the newspaper he showed it to the teacher.

9. What is he doing? - He is translating some article from a foreign journal.

10. The article was difficult. He was translating it all day yesterday.

11.1 have just translated an interesting article from the newspaper. You

may have a look at it.

12. The article having been translated, he could read some book for pleasure.



1. a) Usually around houses which are being built there are high fences. Have you ever seen fences with holes in them? Listen to the story

"Rockefeller Center" and you will learn where and when such fences were made. Be ready to answer the following questions.

1. What is Rockefeller Center?

2. What is the architecture of Rockefeller Center?

3. When was its construction started and completed?

4. Why is this group of buildings called Rockefeller Center?

5. What story is connected with the name of John Rockefeller?

6. What do you think of the practice of cutting holes in fences around construction sites?

b) Retell the story.

c) You are the policeman. Tell your friends about your talk with a stranger and your surprise on the next day when you saw holes cut in the fence

There are three architects who are interested m sports buildings, cultural centres and the history of European architecture.

2. a) Listen to the text "Barbican Centre". Determine what specialists can use the information it contains. Fill in the following chart.

City Cost Date of Function  


b) Sum up the information about the Barbican Centre

c) Read the transcript on p. 429. Look up the unknown words m your dictionary.

d) What other buildings in Great Britain or in other countries should be mentioned by the specialist in your opinion?


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