Before doing the following exercises revise grammar material N.A. Bonk, Unit 8: p. 175-177, p. 183-184.

1. Put these facts about various types of people into Zero Conditional sentences which are related to present.

e.g. Doctors treat people who are ill.

If youre a doctor, you treat people who are ill.

1. Vegetarians dont eat meat.

If you are a vegetarian, . .

2. People who live in a hot country dont like cold weather.

If you live . .

3. Teachers have to work very hard.

If youre a teacher, . .

4. People who do a lot of exercise stay fit and healthy.

If you . .

5. Mechanics understand engines.

If you are a . .

6. People who read newspapers know whats happening in the world.

If . .


2. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or Future Simple verb form.

e.g. If it rains, we will have the party inside. (rain; have)

1. I . happy if I . my exam. (be; pass)

2. If you . now, you . the train. (leave; catch)

3. John says he . as a taxi-driver if he . money. (work; need)

4. If I . free tomorrow evening, I . you on Friday. ( not be; see)

5. Mary . Chinese next year if she . time. (study; have)

6. I . you to the station if I . find my car keys. (drive; can)

7. If he . her, he . a happy life. (marry; not have)

8. . you . smoking if the doctor . you that you must? (stop; tell)

9. If we . to the boss very politely, . he . to us? (talk; listen)

10. If it ., we . for a walk. (rain; not go)

11. If the weather . nice tomorrow, we . to the coast. (be; go)

12. If she . the letter now, they . it tomorrow. (post; receive)

13. Fiona . angry if John . late again. (be; arrive)

14. I . to their party if I . enough time. (go; have)

15. If she . this exam, she . the job that she wants. (not pass; not get)

16. You . a lot if you . this course. (learn; take)

17. If I . a ticket, I . to the concert. (get; go)

18. I . that camera if it . too much. (buy; not cost)

19. If you . very fast, you . the bus. (run; catch)

20. If they . this game, they . the champions. (win; become)


3. Complete the dialogues with the Present Simple or will/wont forms of the words in brackets.

1. A: We must be at the airport at two oclock.

B: Well, if . (we/take) a taxi at one oclock, . (we/not/be) late.

2. A: Id like a newspaper.

B: Well, . (I/buy) one for you if . (I/go) to the shop later.

3. A: Has John phoned yet?

B: No, and if . (he/not/phone) this afternoon, . (I/phone) him this evening.

4. A: Is Fiona there, please?

B: No, but if . (you want) to leave a message, . (I/give) it to her.

5. A: Is Tim going to pass his exam?

B: Well, . (he/fail) if . (he/not/work) harder.

6. A: Could I have some information about this years concerts, please?

B: Yes, if . (you/fill in) this form, . (I/send) it to you in the post.


4. Make up sentences with if.

e.g. Im afraid the bus will be late.

get to work late again. If the bus is late, Ill get to work late again.

lose my job. If I get to work late again, Ill lose my job.

1. → not find another job. .

2. → lose my flat. .

3. → move back to my parents house. .

4. → get very bored. .

5. → go swimming every day. .

6. → look very good. .

7. → meet interesting people. .

8. → go to lots of parties. .

9. → have a wonderful time. .

10. → find the best way of life and job for me. .


4. Put in the correct Past Simple or would verb form.

e.g. If Sally lived in Brighton, she would be (she/be) near her parents.

1. Fred would read more if he . (not/work) so hard.

2. If Elizabeth didnt have to work in the evenings, she . (go) to concerts.

3. Susan wouldnt go to work by car if she . (live) near a train station.

4. Alan wouldnt be overweight if he . (not/eat) so much.

5. If Peter didnt live in a flat, he . (have) a dog.

6. Pam would definitely learn French if she . (get) a job in France.

7. If Mark wanted to be healthy, he . (not/smoke).

8. If I . (be) you, I . (study) for the exams.

9. If we . (have) a car, we . (go) for a drive in the country.

10. Kim . (buy) some new clothes if she . (have) enough money.

11. If cameras . (not/cost) so much, we . (buy) one.

12. John . (lend) you some money if you . (ask) him.

13. He . (open) the door if he . (have) the key.

14. We . (paint) the house if we . (have) the time.

15. If she . (get) good grades, she . (go) to university.

16. If I . (be) rich, I . (not/work) again.

17. Helen . (post) the letters if she . (have) some stamps.


5. Write the sentences with If I were you, using the expressions from the box.

call the police at once fly not sell it join a club see a doctor √ take a holiday

e.g. I feel ill. If I were you, I would see a doctor.

1. Im really tired. If . .

2. I havent got any friends. If . .

3. Shall I take the train to Scotland? I would . .

4. Somebody has stolen my car. If . .

5. John wants to buy my motorbike. I . .


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