Choose the best form of the verb to complete the sentences.

e.g. Im not going to open the window. If I open/opened the window, it will/would be too noisy. (a not real, not probable event)

Maybe Ill open a window. But if I open/opened a window, it will/would be very noisy. (a probable, possible event)

1. Im going to get up early tomorrow. If I have/had time, I will/would walk to work.

2. If I have/had time, I will/would walk to work, but its not possible.

3. I may get a job in Germany. If you get/got it, what will/would your friend say?

4. There is a job in Germany, but I dont think Ill get it. If you get/got it, what will/would your friend say?

5. We never leave food on the table. If we do/did, the cat will/would eat it.

6. Shall I put this on the table? If you do/did, the cat will/would eat it.

7. Ill probably go to university. But if I go/went, I wont/wouldnt earn any money for three years.

8. Im not going to study at university. If study/studied at university, I wont/wouldnt earn any money for three years.


Choose the best sentence-beginning and complete it using your own ideas.

e.g. If I live/lived to be 75, I will/would have a lot of grandchildren.

1. If I live/lived to be 175, . .

2. If dogs can/could talk, . .

3. If I go/went shopping next week, . .

4. If you need/needed help one day, . .

5. If everybody gives/gave 10% of their money to poor countries, . .

6. If everybody thinks/thought the same as me, . .

7. If I am/was the richest man in the world, . .


8. Put in the correct Past Perfect or would have (+Past Participle) verb form.

1. If I . (be) here yesterday, I would have come to see you.

2. If Joe . (work) harder, he would have passed his exams.

3. If you . (take) a map with you, you wouldnt have got lost.

4. We would have won the game if we . (not/play) so badly.

5. If I had gone to university, I . (study) medicine and become a doctor.

6. . you . (crash) if you had driven more slowly?

7. You . (not/sleep) badly if you hadnt drunk all that coffee.

8. If you . (come) on holiday with us, you . (have) a wonderful time.

9. If my car . (not/break down), I . (be) here at 8 oclock.

10. . you . (study) harder at school last year if you . (like) the teachers?

11. She . (not/get) married if she . (not/want) to leave home.

12. . you . (help) me if I . (ask) you?

13. If you . (not/be) in a hurry, you . (not/forget) your keys.

14. If he . (remember) earlier, he . (send) her a birthday card.

15. If you . (be) ill, you . (go) to the party.

16. Jason . (not/break) his arm if he . (be) more careful.

17. If I . (do) my homework, my teacher . (not/shout) at me.


Getting up early is bad for you. Make up sentences using the ideas from the box.

get up early→ catch the 8.15 train→ sit by a beautiful foreign woman→ fall in love and marry her→ go to live in her country→ work in her fathers diamond business→ become very rich→ go into politics→ become the president

e.g. If I had got up early I would have caught the 8.15 train.

1. If I had caught . .

2. . and married her.

3. . .

4. . .

5. . .

6. . .

7. . .


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CONDITIONALS | Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

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