Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

e.g. A: Mum, Dad shouted at me.

B: Well, if you hadnt been (not/be) naughty, he wouldnt have shouted (not/shout) at you.

1. A: I dont know what to do about my problem.

B: If I . (be) you, I . (talk) to my boss.

2. A: If I . (win) lots of money, I . (buy) a new house.

B: Thats a nice idea. I . (buy) a new car.

3. A: I failed my exam today.

B: Well, if you . (study) harder, you . (not/fail).

4. A: Ive got terrible toothache.

B: If I . (be) you, I . (go) to the dentists.

5. A: Im sorry.

B: What for?

A: If I . (not/leave) the door open, the puppy . (not/escape).

6. A: Why are you upset?

B: Because its all my fault. If I . (not/be) late, we . (not/miss) the bus.

7. A: Where . (you/go) if you . (can) travel anywhere in the world?

B: If I . (can), I . (go) to America.

8. A: Ive lost my bag with my purse and my keys inside.

B: Well, if I . (be) you, I . (report) it to the police.

9. A: Ouch! I dropped a glass and cut my finger.

B: Well, if you . (be) careful, you . (not/cut) yourself.


*Mixed Conditional Sentences.

If + past perfect, would + bare infinitive.

e.g. If I had taken the medicine yesterday, I would be well now.

If + past simple, would + have + past participle.

e.g. If he were clever, he wouldnt have said it.

* 11. Study the grammar material about Mixed Conditionals and put in the correct verb forms.

1. If you . (study) harder in the past, you . (have) better job now.

2. If my mother . (not/have) operation two years ago, she . (be) death now.

3. Unless you . (buy) such an old car, you . (not/have) to fix it all the time.

4. If she . (leave) last night, she . (be) in London now.

5. If I . (be) you, I . (order) more food for the last party.

6. I . (have) a new coat now if I . (buy) that one in Paris.

7. The grass . (look) better if you . (water) it before.

8. Tom . (phone) when I was out if I . (not/tell) him about my trip.

9. I . (not/cancel) that flight if I . (be) you.

10. If the story . (not/be) n the truth we . (not/print) it today.


Wish/if only + past simpleis used to express wish/regret about a present situation.

e.g. I wish/if only I knewwhere she lived. (Im sorry that I dont know where.)

Wish/if only + past perfectis used to express regret about a past situation.

I wish/if only I hadnt liedto him. (Im sorry that I lied to him.)


*12. Rewrite the following sentences to express either an unreal situation in the present or a regret about a past event.

e.g. I scratched my sisters favourite CD. I wish I hadnt scratched my sisters favourite CD.

1. I havent got a motorcycle. . .

2. Im not old enough to go to nightclubs. . .

3. I left school without any qualifications. . .

4. I missed the plane to Lisbon. . .

5. Im not tall enough to join the basketball team. . .

6. I didnt call my grandfather last night. . .

7. I forgot my parents anniversary. . .


*13. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, as in the example.

1. If I . (be) you, I would tell him the truth.

2. I wish I . (not/forget) my keys. Now I cant get into my house.

3. If he was faster, he .. (win) the race.

4. I wish I . (not/eat) all those sweets. Now I feel sick.

5. If she . (find) a kitten, she will keep it.

6. If I . (have) a garden, I would grow my own vegetables.

7. I wish you . (listen) to me. If you had listened to me, you . (not/lose) your job.

8. If you continue to eat junk food, you (gain) weight.


*Unless = if not

e.g. You cant come in unlessyou have a ticket. = You cant come in if you do not have a ticket.

UnlessIm very tired, I go to bed about midnight. = Except ifI am very tired, I go to bed about midnight.

*14. Study the grammar material about unless and rewrite these sentences with it.

e.g. Children cant go in if they are not with an adult.

Children cant go in unless they are with an adult.

1. If you dont give me my money, Im going to the police.

2. You cant park here if you dont live in this street.

3. I dont drive fast except if Im really late.

4. If you are not over 15, you cant see this film.

5. If Im not going fishing, I get up late on Sundays.

6. We usually go for a walk after supper if there isnt a good film on TV.


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