Before doing the following exercises revise grammar material N. A. Bonk, Unit 14: p. 323-324.

1. Read the situation and then write sentences using have something done.

e.g. Johns suit is dirty. It has to be dry-cleaned. What should he do?

He should have his suit dry-cleaned.

1. They arranged for their house to be painted last week. Now it has been done. What have they done?

2. Toms car was broken into last night. What happened to him?

3. Her bag was stolen yesterday. What happened to her?

4. Diana is at hairdressers. The hairdresser is cutting her hair. What is Diana doing?

5. Their roof has a hole in it. What should they do?

6. Alices bicycle has got a puncture. What should she do?

7. Robert is taking his car to a garage for a service tomorrow. What is he going to do?

8. A printer has printed invitation cards for her. What has she done?


2. Rewrite the sentences.

e.g. Lisa didnt repair the roof herself.

She had it repaired.

1. I didnt cut my hair myself.

2. They didnt paint the house themselves.

3. John didnt build that wall himself.

4. I didnt deliver the flowers myself.

5. The boss asked his assistant to type the letter.

6. Julies housekeeper irons all the clothes.

7. The chef was cooking Toms lunch.


3. Rewrite the sentences, using have something done.

e.g. His teeth are checked twice a year.

He has his teeth checked twice a year.

1. Her skirt is being cleaned at the moment.

2. My hair is trimmed once a month.

3. Our new furniture is going to be delivered tomorrow.

4. The windows will be cleaned.

5. A new jumper has been knitted for me.

6. Did you tell the shop to deliver a sofa to you?

7. My purse was stolen last Friday.

8. Did you employ a painter to decorate your house?

9. The man had asked the porter to take his luggage to his room.

10. When will your glasses be made?

11. She asked the maid to polish the silver.

12. Did you ask Jenny to arrange flowers for you?

13. She asked him to do the shopping.

14. Their house was burgled last night.

15. Did you ask someone to sweep the chimney?

16. Have you told the secretary to make some photocopies?


4. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets and the structure have something done.

e.g. We are having the house painted (the house / paint) at the moment.

a. I lost my key. Ill have to (another key / make).

b. When was the last time you .. (your hair / cut)?

c. .. (you / a newspaper / deliver) to your house every day, or do you go and buy one?

d. This coat is dirty. I must .. (it / clean).

e. If you want to wear earrings, why dont you .. (your ears / pierce)?


*5. Complete these sentences using had/got + it + past participle. Choose from the verbs below and use each word once only. In these sentences you can use either had or got.

delivered dry-cleaned framed mended photocopied put down rebuilt redecorated serviced

e.g. Karens car wasnt starting well and seemed to be using too much petrol so she had/got it serviced.

1. Peter bought a new bed, but couldnt fit it in his car so

2. Our poor cat was old and very ill so ..

3. In the storm the roof was blown off our shed and a wall fell down so .

4. Janet spilt coffee on her silk dress. It couldnt be washed by hand, so .

5. I needed a copy of my driving licence for my insurance company so ..

6. When Bills watch broke he decided he couldnt afford to buy a new one, so .

7. Our bedroom was in a mess, with the wallpaper and paint peeling off, so ...

8. The poster Sue had brought back from Brazil was getting damaged so ...


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