Before doing the following exercises revise grammar material N. A. Bonk, Unit 14: p. 313-322.

1. Use the prompts and the correct form of to have to to write sentences:

e.g. We / do/ all the exercises. - We have to do all the exercises.

1. We/ not do/ the exercise 6. -

2. They/ arrive/ before 09.00. -

3. Joe/ not wear / a uniform. -

4. Jane/ go/ to the doctor today. -

5. My friends/ get/ home by 12.00. -

6. They/ not study/ music this year. -

7. I/ go/home now. -

8. You/ not get up/ early. -

9. She/ work/ tomorrow? -


2. Complete the sentences using neednt + the following verbs:

ask come explain leave tell work

e.g. Weve got plenty of time. - We neednt leave yet.

1. I can manage shopping alone. You .. with me.

2. We . all the way home. We can get a taxi.

3. Just help yourself if youd like more to eat. You . first.

4. We can keep this secret between ourselves. We . anybody else.

5. I understand the situation perfectly. You further.


3. Use must or have to in the appropriate form.

e.g. She had to leave the party yesterday she wasnt well.

1. He was late for work today because he visit the doctor first.

2. You borrow my things without asking.

3. We are sorry, you smoke here.

4. She said we wash all the windows in the house.

5. Since the new manager came, they change their methods of research.

6. Her son is happy as he do his home task today.

7. I (not) speak German since I was at school.

8. The teacher told us that we answer all the questions.

9. Her brother has been ill. He stay in hospital since last week.


4. Rewrite these sentences, using must, mustnt, should, shouldnt, have to or dont have to.

e.g. Parking in the street is prohibited. You mustnt park in the street.

1. Its not a good idea to swim immediately after a meal.

2. (Doctor to patient) Its really important to take this medicine three times a day.

3. Is it necessary for me to do this exercise?

4. Its Saturday tomorrow, so its not necessary for me to get up early.

5. Its a good idea to listen to the weather forecast before you go hill walking.

6. I can recommend this book to you. I think you will like it a lot.

7. Its a good idea to have a medical check-up twice a year.

8. Its very important not to drink the water there. It will make you ill.

9. Is it necessary for us to finish this work today?

10. Did the teacher tell you to see him tomorrow?


5. Fill in the gaps with must, mustnt or neednt/ dont have to.

e.g. A: You must study hard to pass the exams.

B: I know. I study every evening.

1. A: You be late for your job interview.

B: I know. Ill leave early so as to get there on time.

2. A: Shall I collect the children after party?

B: No, you collect them. Mrs Shaw is giving them a lift home.

3. A: Do you want me to wait for you after work?

B: No. You wait. I can walk home by myself.

4. A: My dog has been ill all this week.

B: Oh, dear! You take him to the vet.

5. A: Its Sallys birthday on Wednesday!

B: I know. I remember to buy her a present.

6. A: Shall I wash the dishes for you?

B: No, you do that. Ill do it later.


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