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The United Kingdom


Official name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Form of government constitutional monarchy with two legislative houses (House of Lords [751(1)]; House of Commons [646])
Chief of state Sovereign
Head of government Prime Minister
Capital London
Official language English; both English and Welsh in Wales
Official religion ( 2)
Monetary unit pound sterling (£)
Population estimate (2006) 60,501,000
Total area (sq mi) 93,628
Total area (sq km) 242,495
(1)As of November 2006 including 92 hereditary peers, 633 life peers, and 26 archbishops and bishops.
(2)Church of England “established” (protected by the state but not “official”); Church of Scotland “national” (exclusive jurisdiction in spiritual matters per Church of Scotland Act 1921); no established church in Northern Ireland or Wales.



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