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Put in the missing words according to the text.

1) The total … area is 4000 hectares.

2) Our experimental training farm is considered to be one of the … and … farms in this area.

3) They are to master the … of modern selection work in animal breeding.

4) Our students have … work on the experimental training farm.

5) The farmers raise cows for … and … and pigs for meat.

6) There are many different … on the farm: cowsheds, pigsties, barns and others.

7) Nowadays crop growing is a highly … branch of agriculture.


5. Say if statements are True (T) or False (F). Correct False statements.


1) Major part of the sown area is under fodder crops.

2) Our experimental training farm hasn’t many modern types of agricultural machines: tractors, bulldozers, combins, reapers, binders, mowers and threshers.

3) Our experimental training farm is considered to be one of the largest and well-known farms in this area.

4) It is situated not from the students’ campus.

5) Our experimental training farm is a large profitable enterprise.

6) While being on the experimental training farm, the students assimilate the experience of breeding of pedigree cattle and swine.

7) The farmers raise cows for meat and pigs for milk.


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Read the text. Make the plan of the text from the following sentences. | Agree or disagree with the following statements using the expressions. Give the right answer.

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