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Read the text. Make the plan of the text from the following sentences.

1) Agriculture provides people with different kinds of food. 2) The increase in crop yields can be realized by applying fertilizers. 3) Agriculture is an important sector of economy. 4) The aim of agriculture is to produce much food. 5) When the crop does not grow well, it means that the conditions are bad for its growth.


3. Answer the following questions:

1) What is agriculture?

2) What does the word ager mean?

3) What does the word agriculture mean?

4) What is the basis of agriculture?

5) What are the main branches of agriculture?

6) Are there two ways to grow enough food plants? What are they?

7) What are the intensification factors?

8) What is the intensification of production based on?


4. Complete the following sentences:

1) Enough food for all the people can be grown if … .

2) Agriculture is a human activity … .

3) At present the second way is … .

4) The word agriculture means … .

5) All intensification factors, such as full mechanization, high application of fertilizers and extensive use of herbicides … .

6) Now crop growing is … .

7) There are two ways to grow … .


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Match the two parts of the sentences. | Put in the missing words according to the text.

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