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Write sentences and questions with will/won’t. Use contractions where you can.

It / be difficult + It’ll be difficult

a. they / win –

b. the meeting / be long ?

c. he / get the job –

d. you / see him at the party ?

e. it / be impossible to park +

2 Complete the sentences with will/won’t (or shall) + a verb.

forget pay open tell call

a. A I can’t open this window. B _____ you?

b. A It’s a secret. B I _____ anyone, I promise.

c. When will I see you again? B I____ youtonight.

d. Can I borrow $50? I_____ you back tomorrow.

e. A It’s my birthday next week. B Don’tworry. I____

LISTENING. [1,T.3.12]

1 Listen and fill the gap with a word or phrase.

Dr Muller: So, tell me what did you dream about?

Patient: I was at a party. There were a lot of people.

Dr Muller: What ____ they ____?

Patient: They were ______ and ______.

Dr Muller: Were ____ drinking?

Patient: Yes, I ___ _____ champagne.

Dr Muller: And then what ______?

Patient: Then, suddenly I _____ a garden. There _____a lot of flowers

Dr Muller: flowers, yes… what kind of flowers?

Patient: I ______ really see – it was dark. And I _____ hear music – somebody ____ ______ the violin.

Dr Muller: The violin. Go on.

Patient: And then I ____ an owl, a big owl in a tree…

Dr Muller: How ____ you ____? Were you frightened?

Patient: No, not frightened really, no, but I _____ I felt very cold. Especially my feet- they were freezing. And then I_____.

Dr Muller: Your feet? Mmm, very interesting, very interesting indeed…

Patient: So what _____ it _____, doctor?

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