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Write sentences and questions with will/won’t. Use contractions where you can.

It/be difficult + itll be difficult.

a. they/win +

b. the meeting/be long ?

c. he/get the job -

d. you/see him at the party ?

e. it/be impossible to park +

2 Complete the predictions with will/wont + a verb

Be pass do last make

I don’t think well have another war . This one is probably the last.

Richard Nixon,1971 (talking about the Vietnam war)

a. He ___never ___ anything important in life.

Albert Einstein’s teacher (said to his father)1895

b. No film about the Civil war___ ever___ any money.

An MGM executive 1945(about the film Gone with the Wind.)

c. It’s a bad joke . It___

Coco channel (about the miniskirt)

d. I don’t think there____ a woman Prime Minister in my lifetime.

Margaret Thatcher,1973

e.Don.t worry about your exam. I’m sure you_____ .


You are going to listen to a radio interview with Mr. Reynold. Work with a partner and discuss possible answers to these questions.

a. What sort of company does Mr. Reynold work for?

  1. When did he start working for the company?
  2. How old is he now?
  3. Would you like to work when you are on pension?
  4. How old is your oldest relative who works?

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