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It goes without saying that I prefer to have meals at home. At the weekend I like to get up late and have a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, or pancakes, or something like that. But on weekdays I'm always short of time in the morning. So I just have a cup of strong tea or coffee and a couple of sandwiches.

As I spend a lot of time at school (usually eight or nine hours) it's necessary to have a snack at midday just to keep me going. That's why I have to go to the school canteen to have lunch. Our school canteen leaves much to be desired. It has become a tradition with our canteen to serve chops and watery mashed potatoes every day with a glass of cocoa or stewed fruit.

But I enjoy my evening meal at home. My mother is a wonderful cook and her dinners are always delicious and various.

To begin with, we usually have some salad — tomato and cucumber salad or mixed salad (I like it very much). For the first course we have some soup — noodle, mushroom or cabbage soup, or maybe some fish soup for a change. For the main course we have meat, chicken or fish dishes, for example, steak or fried fish with spaghetti or potatoes (boiled or fried). We also have a lot of vegetables — green peas, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers. I prefer meat to fish but my mother makes me eat fish from time to time. She says it's good for my brains.

For dessert we have some fruit, fruit juice or just a cup of tea with a slice of cake.

On Sundays we sometimes go to McDonald's. I like everything there: cheeseburgers, hamburgers and Big Macs, apple pies and fruit cocktails. But. unfortunately we can't afford to go there very often, because it's rather expensive for a family and besides, they say it's not very healthy to eat at McDonald's.




it goes without saying

scrambled eggs


short of time



to have a snack

to keep smb going


leaves much to be desired

to serve

a chop




stewed fruit



to begin with





mushroom soup



to boil

to fry

green peas

from time to time




Big Mac




1 How many meals a day do you usually have?

2. What do you usually have for breakfast?

3. Where do you have lunch (dinner)?

4. How many courses does your lunch (dinner) usually consist of?

5. What is your favourite dish?

6. What vegetables do you like?

7. What do you usually have for dessert?

8. How often do you eat out?

9. Have you ever eaten at McDonald's?

10. Some people say that eating at a restaurant is a waste of money. Do you agree?

11. Can you cook?


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