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Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences using “which”, “who”, “whose”, “whom”, “where”:

1. The name “Londinium” is derived from the Celtic word Llyn-din, … means literally “river place”. 2. The official head of the UK is the Queen, … reigns but doesn’t rule. 3. Yesterday I met a friend of mine … wife is an English teacher. 4. The Thames, … has always been the part of London history, is often called Father of London. 5. Many people think that Big Ben was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, a British civil engineer, … was put in charge of the Clock Tower, but this is questionable. 6. Do you know a restaurant … we can have a really good meal? 7. I don’t know the name of the woman to … I spoke on the phone. 8. A mountaineer is a person … ambition is to climb Everest. 8. The building … was destroyed in the fire has now been rebuilt.


*Exercise 2. Mark the border between the sentences where the conjunction is left out. Read the sentences paying attention to the intonation.

Model: The people I talked to during my trip were very friendly. →

The people [who] I talked to during my trip were very friendly.

1. The book he read yesterday was about history of London. 2. The museum we wanted to visit was shut when we got there. 3. Are these the keys you were looking for? 4. The man I was sitting next to on the plane talked all the time. 5. Everything they said was true. 6. The woman I wanted to see was away. 7. What’s the name of the film you are going to see? 8. It was the most boring film I‘ve ever seen.

Exercise 3. Use the Present or the Future Indefinite Tense. § 8.2.

Model: I (to help) you when I (to be) free. → I’ll help you when I am free.

1. It (to take) you ten minutes if you (to take) a taxi. 2. I (to know) something about London after I (to make) a trip there. 3. If you (to want) to see all these places, you must stay here for a week. 4. When you (to cross) the street in London, look first to the right because of the traffic rules. 5. As soon as you (to turn) the corner you (to see) the Russian Embassy right in front of you. 6. Let’s wait till the green light (to be) on. 7. When you (to get off) the bus, I (to be) there. 8. We (to meet) before he (to leave) for London. 9. I (to ask) a policeman in the street if I (to be) lost.

**Exercise 4. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form (Active or Passive). Translate the text.

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