Applied Arts

(Figure 2-2).

There is no clear dividing line between fine arts and applied arts. The term applied artsis most often used to describe the design or decoration of functional objects to make them pleasing to the eye. Made either byhand or by machine, works of applied art areintended primarily to serve a useful function(Figure 2-2).Artists who create applied artsor crafts are usually referred to as designers,artisans, or craftspeople.

Ex. 3. :

1. (The warm, intimate relationship of mother and child is captured in this wood carving). What do you consider to be the most impressive feature of this work: its visual appeal, or its powerful expression of emotion?

2. Do you think the works appearance and its emotional impact are equally important?

3. (The designs created by craftspeople are often highly complex and skillful). What impresses you most about this work, its design or its practical usefulness?

Ex.4. , 䳺 :

1. Dont go to Nicks place now, he ( to work).

2. Yesterday the children (to do) all their homework before mother ( to come) home.

3. Mike (to eat) ice cream every day.

4. I always ( to get) up at eight oclock, but tomorrow I (to get) up a little later.

5. He ( to read) a book at five oclock yesterday.

6. My friend ( to like) pies.

7. We (to bring) a lot of berries from the wood. Now we shall make jam.

8. Look! Jane (to swim) across the river.

9. What you (to do) at 6 oclock yesterday?

10. I (to come) back home by 3 oclock yesterday.


Ex. 5. .

Ex. 6. 9 .


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