V. Talking Assignments

1. Work in pairs. Complete the following short dialogues:

1. Hello, Im Petro. Whats your name?

. .

How do your friends call you?


Where are you from ?

. .

Are you a student ?

. .


2. .., .?

I am twenty.

. .

Thank you. You are actually the first person to tell me that. Everybody says I look older.


3. Do you play any instruments?


What kind of music do you like?

.. .What is your hobby?



4. , ?

I have got a brother.

.. .?

He is seven years older than me.


No, actually he is a bachelor.

.. ?

He is an architect.


He is a university graduate. He studied in Rivne.

Key words:piano; violin; bandore; accordion; guitar; classical, folk, punk music; jazz; rap; collecting postcards (old coins, badges, books, records); reading; knitting; embroidery; athletics; games; single; married; divorced; widow/er.

2. Interview your friend, ask the questions in English about his/her family. Summarize his/her answers:






(, )?

(, )?









? ?


3. Give a detailed description of each member of your family by answering the questions about:

a) Your father:

1. What does he look like?

Use: be above medium height; very tall; with regular features; have fair hair, grey at the temples; brown eyes.

2. How old is he?

Use: be young, old, of middle age, in his forties, a man of forty.

3. What is he like?

Use: be silent, shy, quiet, not much of a talker, reserved, talkative, a good listener, a man of intelligence, be given to reflection, friendly, sociable, have an outstanding reputation in the field of ... .

4. Is he a devoted father?

Use: develop interest in ... ; encourage his children to ... ; give much thought to their education; be proud of ... .

5. Is he fond of books and music?

Use: be too busy to devote any time to ... ; devote his spare time to ...; be fond of ... ; develop interest in ... .


b) Your mother:

1. What does she look like?

U s e: be tall, short, have a lovely face, ordinary (plain) face, grey eyes, fair hair carefully arranged, make up very little (a lot),

2. How old is she?

Use: be forty (years old), a woman of forty, in her forties, of middle age, rather young (old).

3. What are your mothers views on the upbringing of her children?

Use: be clear-cut, old-fashioned, in favour of hard work, bring up one's children in a strict manner, give much thought and care to education (sport, good manners, health).

4. What does she expect of her children?

Use: want them to do well at school, be obedient, read a lot, be fond of sport.

5. What does she think of her children?

Use: be pleased with ... ; be proud of ... ; be fond of. . -.; think the world of ... ; approve of ... ; expect a lot of ...

6. Is she a good housekeeper?

Use: run the house well, cook perfectly, keep house well.


c) Your brother:

1. What does he look like?

Use: be tall, strong, broad at the shoulders, slim at the waist, have regular white teeth.

2. How old is he?

Use: be fifteen, a teenager, a boy of fifteen.

3. How does he do at school?

Use: do well at school; be interested in ...; be bright; make good progress at school; work hard; give much care to ...; be in favour of ...; be fond of athletics, football, etc.; be obedient.


d) Your sister:

What does she look like?

Use: be pretty, have chestnut hair, blue eyes, lovely face, be full of life.

4. Speak about yourself:

1. Finish the following sentences:

* When I have some free time I like .

* In school I have always been (was) good at .

* It has always been very difficult for me to .

* I would describe myself as a and person.

* I enjoy going to parties where .

* When I go out with my friends we usually .

* When I am short of money I sometimes .

* I am sometimes envious of people who .

* I like (do not like) to have pets in my house because .

* When I feel out of sorts (in a bad mood) I .

* When I want to enjoy myself I usually .

* I am not very interested in .

* I find it very easy to .

* I learn English because .

* I like people who .

* I try to avoid people who .

* I am very proud of .

* One day I hope to .

* I dont like films which .

* I think I look like .


5. Answer the following questionnaire and find out how ambitious you are:

1. In 10 years do you hope to

a) be a married person with a family?

b) have an interesting but not very well-paid job?

c) have a well-paid job that isnt very interesting?

2. In 20-year time do you hope to

a) have enough money to pay your bills?

b) have quite a lot of money?

c) have a lot of money?

3. Here is a list of ten jobs. Which would you like to do? Put number 1 next to your favourite job:

nurse accountant teacher politician policeman
builder journalist artist engineer actor / pop star

4. Is improving your standard of living important to you?

a) Yes b) No

5. Do you think people who have money should help people who do not have money?

a) Yes b) No

6. How old do you want to be when you have children?

a) 18-20 b) 23-26 c) 27-30 d) over 30

7. When you are playing a game, do you always want to win?

a) Yes b) No

8. Can you tell a white lie?

a) Yes b) No

9. Do you think that rich people are happier and more interesting than other people?

a) Yes b) No

10. Do you work hard because you want to be successful?

a) Yes b) No

11. If you have some work to do, do you do it immediately, or do you wait until the last moment?

a) Immediately b) I wait until the last moment

12. Would you have more money than your parents?

a) Yes b) No

13. Do you agree with the philosophy Every man for himself?

a) Yes b) No

14. Do you like hard work?

a) Yes b) No

15. Which of the following is the most important for you?

a) love b) happiness

c) money d) health



1. a) 0; b) 5: c) 10.

2. a) 0; b) 5; c) 10.

3. nurse, artist 0;

builder, policeman, teacher, journalist 2;

engineer, actor, pop star 5;

politician 10.

4. a) 10; b) 0.

5. a) 0; b) 10.

6. a) 0; b) 2; c) 5; d) 10.

7-14. a) 10; b) 0;

15. a) 0; b) 2; c) 5; d) 10.


0 50. You are not very ambitious! You are happy with a quiet life.

50 100. You are quite ambitious, but you do not want to work too hard.

Over 100. You are very ambitious! Good luck and try to be nice to people.

6. Summerize your answers. Do you agree to the explanation? If not, say why. Use the following phrases:

I must disappoint you;

In fact;

On the one hand on the other hand ;

To tell the truth;

To start with;

I must confess.


  1. B. Listen to part of a radio interview with a historian talking about Einstein. Then complete each sentence with a word or a short phrase. (Track 17, CD2)
  2. V. Talking Assignments
  3. V. Talking Assignments
  4. V. Talking Assignments
  5. V. Talking Assignments

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