V. Talking Assignments

1. Divide the text into logical parts. Express the main idea of each part in the shortest possible way:

The first (second, third) part of the text is about

It describes (considers, deals with, informs)

The author stresses (points out) that

2. Discuss with your friend each part of the text. You may introduce your questions with the following phrases:

Could you tell me ? Do you know ?

Do you happen to know ?

Is it true that ?

Ive heard that . Is it really true?

Id like to know if ?

Could explain why/where/how/what ?

What is your opinion about ?

What do you think of ?

Do you agree with/to?

I wonder if you take part in ?

3. Translate the following words and word-combinations:

as for me/her/him; to study at; Im/he is/she is a first year student; dean; deans office; subdean/assistant dean; full-time department; refectory; tutor; academic building; to occupy; to be located; to be founded; to train; graduates; the students specialize in; laboratories; tuition fee; campus; It takes me/ him/her to do .

4. Interview your friend in English. Find out what he/she knows about the faculty he/she studies at:







? ?








/ / ?



Summarize your friends answers. Use the words and word-combinations from Ex. 3.

6. Prove that:

a) The University is one of rather old and prestige educational institutions in Ukraine.

b) The University is a research centre.

) The students of the University have a nice campus.

d) The students have all opportunities to become skilled specialists.

Use the following words and phrases: I think that...; Frankly speaking...; I'd like to call your attention to...; This is my point of view...; I'm sure that .

7. Get ready to speak about:

a) The History of the National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use.

b) The Campus of the University.

c) Academic facilities at our University.

d) Extra-curricular activities (sport, social and cultural events).

V. Written Assignment

Write a short presentation about the University and the Faculty you study at.

Test 1 (Units 1,2,3).

Test your professional, socio-cultural and language competences.


  1. B. Listen to part of a radio interview with a historian talking about Einstein. Then complete each sentence with a word or a short phrase. (Track 17, CD2)
  2. V. Talking Assignments
  3. V. Talking Assignments
  4. V. Talking Assignments
  5. V. Talking Assignments

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