Common Natural Fabrics

Cotton Fabric - It is versatile with natural comfort and durability. The use of cotton fabric dates back to 3000 B.C. It is used as garments, home furnishings, and industrial cloths. It is soft with good strength and drapes well.

Silk Fabric - If we talk about silk, we talk about softness, beauty and luxuriousness. It is a high grade fabric with weather fabric quality. It is used as expensive dresses and home furnishings. Discovered in China during 2640 B.C. and is still the leading producer in the world.

Wool Fabric - Wool means warmth, softness and strength. It is resistant to wrinkle, dirt and wear and tear. Wool as a clothing was discovered some twelve thousand years ago. Today, it is obtained from sheep, goat, angora goat and angora rabbit and camel.

Leather Fabric - The fabric which never ages. It is firm, soft, elastic and weather friendly. Commercially it is obtained from cattle, calf, goat, sheep, lamb, horse, pig, kangaroo, deer, reptile, seal, and walrus. The major exporters of goatskin leather in the world are India, China and Pakistan. In sheepskin leather, China, New Zealand, Australia and Iran are the important exporters. USA, Europe, Brazil and USSR are key players in exporting leathers obtained from bovine.

Hemp Fabric - The warmth, softness and durability of hemp fabric is rarely found in any other fabric. It is very versatile with UV protective and insulative quality. It is used as apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishing. It is obtained from stems of plant. The finest comes from Italy and the leading producer is China.

Coir Fabric - It is known for its resilience and durable quality. It is the perfect fabric for controlling soil erosion. In horticulture, coir fabric is used as a substitute for peat because it is bacteria free and free from fungal spores. It is an environmental friendly fabric and fully bio-degradable.

Jute Fabric - It is eco-friendly with good strength and durability. It is widely used as bags and sacks. Fashionable cloths, home furnishing and fashion accessories are some of the innovation of jute. India is leading jute manufacturer in the world.

Linen Fabric - It is the fabric of luxury, beautiful and elegant. It is antibacterial and antifungi with a property of UV protection. It is being used for more than 10,000 years. Egyptians made extensive use of linen. It is obtained from flax plant.

Ramie Fabric - A summer fabric with air-permeability and moisture-absorption quality. It is obtained from ramie plant, a tall shrub grown in South-east Asia. China is the leading producer of ramie followed by Brazil, Korea and Philippines.

Fabric Blends- are one which is made up of two or more different types of fibres twisted or spun together. Blending adds to the quality of the final product.


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