Bamboo Fabric in Non-Woven Industry

Bamboo fabric manufacturers use the non-woven bamboo fabric extensively in making sanitary napkins, face masks for industrial and medical use and in mattress. Bamboo has high anti-bacterial properties because of the bamboo kun that is a bio agent in bamboo and it is part of its molecular structure. It does not allow bacteria to incubate in bamboo.

Bamboo Fabric in Home Furnishings

Most of the home furnishing products like comforters, pillow covers, mattress pads, bed skirts, bed covers, bed sheets, towels, bath rugs, shower curtains etc. are made from bamboo fabrics. Top brands are also promoting the use of bamboo fabric because of its natural and organic properties. Pottery Barn has the range of bed linen and other home furnishing products that are made from bamboo fabric along with other natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, silk, wool, hemp etc. These products are highly beneficial to use as these causes no harm to the body. They absorb moisture to a large extent keeping you free from that and thus making the furnishing comfortable to use. It is not that these


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Process of Making Bamboo Fabric | Advantages of Bamboo and Bamboo Fabric

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