Process of Making Bamboo Fabric

Soft leaves and inner pith of the bamboo trunk are taken & crushed to form bamboo cellulose.

Bamboo cellulose is then soaked in solution of 15-20% hydrogen peroxide for one to three hours at 20-25 degrees C. The resultant will be alkali cellulose.

Then through the processing, excess of hydrogen peroxide is removed from alkali cellulose. This followed by crushing of cellulose and drying it for 24 hours.

Carbon disulfide (about one third) is added to bamboo alkali cellulose to sulfurize it and to convert it in the form of jell.

Then the remaining carbon disulfide is evaporated that results in sodium xanthogenate.

In sodium xanthogenate, diluted solution of sodium hydroxide is added. This creates the viscose solution containing 7-15% of bamboo fiber cellulose and 5% sodium hydroxide.

The viscose solution is then passed through the spinneret nozzle into a container containing diluted sulphuric acid. This results in the hardening of viscose bamboo cellulose sodium xanthogenate and reconvert it into bamboo fiber threads that are now spun to form bamboo fiber yarn. The bamboo fiber yarn is then used to make bamboo fabric.

Uses of Bamboo Fabric In Various Industries

Apparel Industry and Bamboo Fabric

Because of unique luster and softness of bamboo fabric, it is used in apparel industry. Socks, undergarments, bathing suits, bath robes, sleepwear etc. are made from bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic so the best for children and pregnant women. It is very comfortable because of the good absorbent property. Because of this it will not stick to your skin and you will feel cooler during summer and warm in winters.

Traditionally bamboo hats were worn by the farmers in Japan and China. Even it is also used to decorate women's dress in west.


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