Characteristics of Leather Fabric

It has porosity and breathability.

It is waterproof to a great extent.

It is firm, soft and elastic.

It retains its shape.

It resists the aging process.

It is durable.

It is abrasion and wind resistant.

It absorbs water vapour upto 30% of its weight without loss of dryness.

Uses of Leather Fabric

Leather fabric is very versatile. It is widely used. Soft leather is used in clothing and hard leather in products like shoe soles, machine belts, engine gaskets and harnesses. Calfskin leather, which is lighter and finer grained, is used in shoe uppers. Sheepskin leather, which is soft and supple is generally used in products like gloves, jackets, and other apparel.

Leather fabric is also used in upholstery, sofa, wallets, purses, bags, belts, rugs, tents, tepees, shields and weapon sheathes.



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