Lycra Fabric Uses

Lycra fabric is used in making almost all kinds of garments. But the most popular ones are undergarments and swimsuits. You will definitely find these garments made from lycra fabric.

There are orthopedic compression garments that are made from the lycra spandex fabric. These compression garments include surgical hose, support hose, cycling shorts, wrestling singlet, foundation garments and motion capture suits.

Recently new innovation of Lycra fabric has been done.

This fabric is used for making sports garments like shorts, netball bodysuit, ski pants, gloves, leggings etc.

Also the lycra fabric is used for making disco jeans that is in these days.

Apart from the garments, lycra fabric is used in making home furnishing products like micro-bead pillows.


Suede Faux Fabric

Suede faux fabric is the 100% polyester fabric that is used for making bags, furniture, shoes and clothings. Suede faux fabric is the synthetic fabric that is available in wide range of colors, patterns, design and styles. Suede faux is actually a fake leather and an alternate to the suede fabric that is made from the underside of the skin of animal. Pure suede fabric is less durable than the faux suede fabric and also harder to clean.

Suede faux feels like velvet and same in the appearance of suede fabric. Suede is a French word that has been derived from gants de Suede. This means gloves of Sweden. The suede fabric was originally used to make ladies gloves.

Pure suede fabric needs care. If you are a person who is less bothered about care or have less time for the same then go with the faux suede fabric.


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