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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process which involves solvents and little or no water for washing. Make sure the solvent is distilled to remove greases, oils, waxes and dyes. Poor solvent purity sometimes results in an objectionable odor in the garment and a 'graying' of the white cloths.

Inform the type of stains present on the garment. Pre-spotting helps those to eliminate stains which would otherwise be heat set after the garment is cleaned. Be an informed and fair customer for the dry cleaners.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a new process to replace dry cleaning. It uses water and the process makes use of computer controlled machines, soap, conditioners and finishers. However, until this process proves to be effective in replacing dry cleaning, consumer should be cautious with their "dry clean only" garments.

Professional Laundering

Most dry cleaners offer professional laundering. The garments which are washable are professionally washed and then pressed. Shirts for men's and women's are often bleached and stretch is used according to the manufacturers label.


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