Automatic Transmission

1. Read and translate the text:

While many drivers like to control their cars by lever, some motorists prefer to drive with as little effort as possible. Automatic transmission takes much of the work away from the driver who only has to accelerate when he wants to go faster and brake when he wishes to slow down or stop. All the necessary gear changing is done quite automatically within the transmission. There is no clutch pedal, only an enlarged brake pedal and an accelerator. A selector lever replaces the normal gear lever.

Several types of automatic transmission are available. In one of the well-known types there are six selector positions 1, 2, D (Drive), N (Neutral), R (Reverse), P (Park).

In position P the transmission is locked and the car cannot be moved. At N the engine can be started but the transmission is not engaged. Fully automatic operator is obtained by putting the lever at D, and all normal driving can be done in this position. On the other hand, first or second gears of the transmission can be engaged and held by using positions 1 or 2. This may be useful for starting on a steep slope, climbing steep hills or for holding a lower gear whilst accelerating quickly.

2. Remember the following words and word-combinations:

while ,



to take much of the work away

quite ,


selector lever

to replace ,


neutral ( )

to reverse

to park

3. Answer the questions:

How does automatic transmission work?

Is there a clutch pedal in the automatic transmission?

What does the driver do when he wants to go faster?

What does a selector lever replace?

What does the driver do when he wishes to slow down or stop?

4. Make up questions from the given words:

Do / by lever / their / drivers / many / to control / like / cars?

Does / much of the work / away / automatic transmission / take / from / the driver?

Are / types / several / of / transmission / automatic / available?

Is / quite / done / all the necessary gear changing / automatically?

Does / the normal / gear lever / replace / a selector lever?


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