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Historical references to postal systems in Egypt date from about 2000 . That time mail was carried from place to place by horse or horse-drawn wagon. It was predominantly government mail. On the other side of the world, in China, mail service had been started early in 12th century . It was used mostly to convey official documents.


The Roman Empire built the most advanced postal delivery system known until that time except for the service in China. In the Roman Empire reliable communication from Rome to governors and military officials in faraway provinces was a necessity. The speed with which government dispatches and other mail could be carried about the empire was amazing for that time. In Europe of the 19th century, stagecoaches began to carry letters and packages, but most mail was still being transported the same way as in the Roman Empire.


Since that time many things have changed. Today we can send our letters using also airmail, the quickest mailing service.


Nowadays there are post-offices in every town and city. If you want to post an ordinary letter or a postcard, you need to buy an envelope with required stamp, write the address on it and put your letter in and send it. For a registered letter, an airmail letter or an ordinary letter to another country, one must buy and stick other stamps on the envelope.


If you want to send a telegram, you can either take it to the nearest post-office or dictate it over the telephone. But if you have the Internet, there is no need to go to the local post-office, you can just connect to the Internet and using your mail program, send a letter or letters to where you need. The only condition is whether your recipient has or not a computer and the Internet. E-mail is cheaper and instant.


If you want to use traditional method and would like your letter to arrive more quickly, you can send it by airmail or express mail.


If you want to send a parcel, you must go to the post-office, hand your parcel to an assistant, who weighs it on scales and gives you the necessary stamps. The amount you have to pay depends on the weight of the parcel.




1. When did the postal systems appear in Egypt?

2. When did mail service start in China?

3. What kind of postal delivery system did the Roman Empire build? .

4. What was the main feature of the Roman Empire's mail service?

5. How was the mail transportation organized in Europe in the 19th century?

6. What is today's quickest mailing service?

7. What do we need to do if we want to post an ordinary letter or a postcard?

8. What must one buy for a Registered letter?

9. What kind of mail service does Internet offer?

10. What do you need if you want to send a parcel?






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