My working day

My week-days doesnt differ much one from another. I go to college five days a week. Thats why I have to wake up at 7 oclock every morning. Sometimes I want to stay in bed for some more time but my mother always insists on my getting up. I put on my bathrobe and slippers and unwillingly go to the bathroom. A cold shower makes me feel not so sleepy, then I dry myself on a towel and hurry to the bedroom.

I switch on the TV-set. I see just the time for a cartoon. You may ask me why I dont do my morning exercises. From time to time when I see smiling slim girls on TV briskly doing their exercises to music I swear I shall get up earlier and do my morning exercises every day but it dont last long and soon I forget about it.

Then I do my bed, dressed myself and have my breakfast.l usually have a cup of tea or coffee, an egg, bread and butter. After breakfast I rush to college,as I live far away I go by bus or by tram. It takes me more time to go by tram. If I have little time I go by bus. My lessons begin at 8 oclock. We have four lessons every day.

At II oclock we have a long break. As I cannot get home for lunch I take it at the dining-room of our college. For lunch I have meat or fish with potatoes and cup of strong tea or coffee with a pie.

At 2 oclock the classes are over and I go home. When I get home from college I have dinner. My dinner usually consists of three courses. For the first course I have some soup, then some meat or fish. For dessert I have some stewed fruit or ice-cream.

After dinner I do some work about the house (wash dishes, sweep the floor, go shopping) and sit down to my lessons. I spend a great deal of time on them. It takes me 2 or 3 hours to do my home assignments. At 8 oclock all my textbooks and notebooks are put into the bag and I can watch TV or read a book, look through papers and magazines. Sometimes when my friend calls for mc we go for a walk. We talk about different things and usually have a good time. At I I oclock tired after a long working day I go to bed and in some minutes fall a sleep.


Teacher ________________I.S.Kokovihin


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