Andy is a first-year student. He is 18 years old. He is a student of Lviv Commercial Academy. He is fond of studying at the Academy. Andy studies hard to become a good specialist in his field. He lives in the students hostel. He gets up at 7 every morning. Then he shaves, washes and gets ready for his breakfast. He comes to the Academy at 8.30.

The first lecture is on History. Highly qualified lecturers deliver lectures at the Academy. Lectures are very interesting. Andys second lesson is in the English language. Andy is fond of English. He is fond of studying in the new language laboratory. During the lesson Andy speaks English. The third lesson is in Mathematics. The lessons are over at half past one. Its time for dinner. The students go to the students canteen. It takes them little time to get to the canteen because it is just in the same building.

Andy is a member of the Sports Club and after dinner he goes to the Club. He goes in for gymnastics. There are good sports facilities at the Academy. After that he has many things to do. First of all he goes to the computing centre. He has to work with the computers.

Sometimes Andy goes to the reading-room at the library after classes. Andy borrows text-books, new magazines, dictionaries and fiction from the library. In the reading-room he gets ready for different seminars and colloquiums.

Late at night Andy returns home with his friends. The day was filled with interesting and useful deeds.



1. When does your working day begin?

2. How many hours does it last?

3. When do you usually get up?

4. What do you do in the morning?

5. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

6. When do lessons at the Academy begin?

7. Did it take you long to get to the Academy?

8. When do you come from the Academy?

9. How many days a week do you study?

10. What do you do in the evening?



Teacher ________________I.S.Kokovihin

Theme My working day




  1. Brainstorming. In small groups of 3 or 4 students discuss formulated answers.
  2. Discuss it at the students' on line conference.
  3. I. You will hear a text about animal rights. Before listening discuss the words in the box with your fellow students and your teacher
  4. Modul I: Student und seine Umgebung
  5. Present your ideas on the given subject for the students' research society.
  6. Student B
  7. Write a short article about students free time.

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